Flexible coupling 3.00" x 115mm (Interlock liner)

TM Flexible Couplings are engineered to isolate vibration generated by the engine, thereby relieving stress on your vehicle's exhaust system. They are designed to reduce premature cracking of manifolds and downpipes and help extend the life of other components.
Price33,00 €
ex-VAT if taxable
Technical Features:
  • Features an internal stainless steel interlock liner to facilitate smooth flow of high temperature exhaust gases
  • Recomended for all high flowing, high temperature applications
  • T304 stainless steel
  • Tube inlet I.D.: 3.00" (75.00mm)
  • Tube outlet I.D.: 3.00" (75.00mm)
  • Flex length: 115.00mm (4.50")
Technical Info: 
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