Precleaner Turbo III - Model 50 (3") in-line

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Technical Features:
  1. Eliminates 98% of the impurities in the air intake.
  2. It is self-cleaning.
  3. Moves through the air intake of the engine.
  4. Installs in seconds.
  5. Save money.
  6. Extend the life of air filter.
  7. Fuel Efficiency.
  8. Protects engine.
  9. Save time service.

The turbo III  precleaners,  are a new generation that incorporates a new design that improves the separation of dirt and impurities while decreasing resistance to airflow.

The turbo III  precleaners,  remain market leaders and meet the most stringent requirements for installation in future engines.

The turbo III  precleaners are made of super tough nylon and its design incorporates an air inlet to the more direct rotor that improves its performance by favoring a more effective work of separation.

The turbo III  precleaners  has been designed with pitched blades that force air to spin inside. By rotating the air centrifugal force separates the solid particles, dust, sand, water and snow clean air. The contaminants are ejected by lateral openings at the base of the pre-and only clean air enters the engine through the center of the prefilter.

  • CFM range: 50 - 250
  • O.D.: 169.0mm
  • I.D.: 77.5mm
  • Height: 203.0mm
Technical Info: 
Weight: 1.44 kg
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